Hike to a Castle by Kenslie McGuire

IRELAND | episode 2: It has in fact been two years since my classmates and I embarked on our journey to encounter Ireland for one heck of a spring break trip. Two years later, I have finally waded through the thousands of pictures I took. Reliving each sacred step on all the green grass and cobblestone streets quickly brought back lovely visions of ancient buildings and fast friends. I've put together a 4 part series to share our ventures, this one being the second.

This second episode, "Hike to a Castle," documents our trek to a castle that was "just a 30 minute hike" by the sea.  The unexpected additional mileage was well worth it when we hit the shore and the sun set behind an ancient tower of stone. If every hike was like that one, I think I could work a hike into my daily routine.