1970's Christmas Party by Kenslie McGuire

Throwing parties is undoubtedly my favorite hobby, and in my opinion, no party is complete without a theme. This time, it was a 1970’s Christmas party. We sent out a moodboard to the guests on how to dress and then began decor research. We put tinsel on all of our plants, hung garland everywhere, and had old school candy scattered around the house. I must say that the red lightbulbs I bought were the cheapest accent with the biggest bang! Having the red light cast in the house truly set the mood and brought it all together. Check out the photos below to see our Christmas decor and how our guests dressed for a Very Beverly Christmas!

Hunks and Housewives by Kenslie McGuire

We had our very first Valentine's Party freshman year (2012...four years ago) and each year it's just gotten better and better. We started out with a simple Valentines theme the first time and then proceeded to Gatsby and then a classy Black & White last year. Our theme for senior year was a 60's theme we coined "Hunks and Housewives."  It sure is weird to think this was the last for our college career, but here's to a few post-grad shindigs.